Moved by Him

HOT TAKE: New Study Compares Intermittent Fasting to Calorie Counting

July 02, 2023 Reed Dunn Episode 76
Moved by Him
HOT TAKE: New Study Compares Intermittent Fasting to Calorie Counting
Show Notes

Let's dive into the science! In this episode I share all the details on a recent piece of research comparing intermittent fasting to calorie counting. I offer my thoughts on the results of the study and also give you clear steps to determine if intermittent fasting or calorie tracking is right for you.

I have yet to talk much on this podcast about intermittent fasting (also called time restricted eating), so this felt like the perfect opportunity. This nutrition tactic has some definite benefits, but it is not an approach for everyone, so tune in to learn more about what the science shows, how intermittent fasting works in the body, and whether you could get the results you're looking for with this approach!

The scriptures I referenced in this episode:
Matthew 6:16-18
John 14:25-27

Links to the research and related articles:
Original Research: Time-Restricted Eating Without Calorie Counting for Weight Loss in a Racially Diverse Population
WebMD News Brief of the study
Healthline Article on the study

Informative video:
Intermittent Fasting - How It Works

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