Moved by Him

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Better Health + Weight Loss

June 25, 2023 Reed Dunn Episode 75
Moved by Him
How to Organize Your Kitchen for Better Health + Weight Loss
Show Notes

If you are on a journey to better health, your kitchen is where you should start (besides looking into your heart to examine your relationship with Christ). Your kitchen is the starting place for the nutrition decisions you make all day long. What you keep in your cupboards and how you prepare the foods in your refrigerator determine many of your health outcomes.

In this episode I give you 4 steps to organize your kitchen for better success with your health and weight loss journey. I talk about everything from sorting through your foods with some inspiration from a stoplight (red light, yellow light, green light foods), positioning and organizing your foods with intentionality, and how even cleaning your kitchen can impact your health journey! 

The scriptures I referenced in this episode:
Psalm 147:10-11
Psalm 20:7
1 Timothy 4:8

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