Moved by Him

I Changed My Mind: On Becoming a Mom

May 14, 2023 Reed Dunn Episode 69
Moved by Him
I Changed My Mind: On Becoming a Mom
Show Notes

If you had asked me a decade ago what I thought my life would look like now... I would have imagined myself living in a bustling city, strutting down the sidewalk to my "important" job in perfectly paired heels and pencil skirt, definitely not married, and DEFINITELY not with a child at home. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be celebrating my first Mother's Day this year (Happy Mother's Day to you too!), but I didn't always plan or desire for my life to look like this. In this episode I share my personal journey from pursuing the "boss babe" life and idolizing career over everything, to accepting Jesus as my Savior, and gaining a new appreciation for marriage and family. I discuss the way God has been working in me to shift toward a God-centered life over a self-centered life and how I am continuing to grow and learn, now as a mother to a sweet baby girl. 

The scriptures I referenced in this episode:
John 17:14-17
Genesis 1:28
Psalm 127:3
2 Peter 2:1-3
Deuteronomy 6:5-7

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